about warrior goddess musings

Warrior Goddess Musings

"the philosophy is kindness"

The musings shared here are my effort to provide a

realistic picture of life as a young person who is chronically ill.

the warrior goddess goals:


I try not to shy away from exposing the destruction

chronic illness can cause, without forgetting about

the good. Expressing the realities of life is

important in working towards acceptance,

providing support, and creating understanding.


Vulnerability further increases awareness. People

often aren't even aware that young people can

become chronically ill! My hope is that being open

about my journey will let people know we exist and

that our illnesses are real.


Being open about life can provide an opportunity

for deeper understanding and more compassion.

People need to not only be aware that chronic illness

is real and that it can affect anyone, but they need

to know how life-altering it is.


Kindness is the best way to acknowledge the battles

that other warriors are fighting in their own lives.

Kindness is capable of creating change.

by being open about my reality

I hope to help people realize that 

chronically ill people truly are among the

fiercest warriors

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is kindness.